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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The RF community: Take from people, give to nature.

It's been so inspiring to listen (I mean read) to all of your comments about how the passionate you are about the environment. So, I've started a community. I'll give a question, regarding Nature, and you guys can answer in the comments on that specific post. It might be a knowledge question, or a creative question.

First question:

Verify the positive AND the negative points of deforestation.

Every week, I will select a best answer.


Aliceia said...

Positive point is that humans get money and the products help us. Negative point is well, it pretty much says it in the blog. POLLUTION!!!!!!

Labirdy said...

Positive point:

products help us.'



Linzy said...

Hi, I'm Linzy from Canada and I'm answering this Q.

Positive point:

People are getting what they need to survive such as, clothes, homes, houses, and other minerals. But personally, I think its' becoming to excessive. We don't need SO many houses. And rings of gold and precious gems are useless. They don't help us. Moreover, people became greedy over the last few centuries.

Negative point: Although it's helping us a lot, no one cares to think about what is the fate of the planet. But, let people do as they want. The plants and trees will come back to haunt the human race. Like the trees grow, the water will become dirty so no drinking water is available and so on.

(*Takes bow*)