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Hello! this is my blog, Rainforest Fun. I am Samreen, editor of this blog. In this website, all we talk about is nature and how we can protect it. I will post something every 1-3 days.


Saturday, November 27, 2010


My exam is tomorrow?! Holy cow! OMG! Just kidding. I'm pretty cool headed and confident since I studied a lot, and also got workout. Here's a pretty pic I made on exams!

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Hey, this is R.F Kid. Tarmac, our latest winner wrote this:

Tarmac said...
George is a 10 year old boy who has gone to have a picnic with his Mom, Dad, dog Harry and little sister Emily. They had their food and they put the in the dustbin. Every Harry helped by eating up the crumbs around the place. Harry did NOT poo. Emily watered the plants from the water in her flask. When George almost stepped on an ant, Mom cried, "DON'T!" and George didn't. A deer came and Dad petted it and gave it a leftover cookie. The family was very happy.
November 15, 2010 8:15 PM

And  I heart nature did very good too.
AnonymousI heart nature said...
Lisa is a 12 year old girl who is going to have a picnic with her family.she did not bring along her dog because she knew he would poo. They did not throw rubbish along the place. They fed the animals that came to them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The topic for today's community

Okay, the topic is, this time, for a zing, I decided to write a brainstorm.

George is a 10 year old boy who has gone to have a picnic with his mom, dad, dog Harry and little sister Emily. They had their juice and sandwiches and apples. Now they are throwing the cans, plastic, foil and apple cores away in the field although their is a dustbin nearby. Harry pooed in the hollow of a tree. Emily picked flowers from the bushes.George stepped on the little bugs and creatures. Mum and Dad saw what was happening but didn't say anything. Dad suddenly stoned a deer that came by. Mum encouraged him and shouted, "Way to go! Look, there's another one! Stone her!" 

Do YOU think what they did is right? Do YOU think you can change it for the better? YOU have to rewrite this paragraph in a nicer, environment friendly way.

Winner:.... Anonymous?

said...      I reuse. I take shopping bags with me and I refuse paper bags. Me ad my buddies, Lucy and Kai, opened a campaign for saving the environment.

Heya Anonymous,

I think your view is very good, but really, you should have mentioned your name. And it applies for everyone. If you want to write something that regards me posting, please INCLUDE YOUR NAME.

any ways, I chose another person since he is anonymous.......

Maria said............

I think I reduce. I never forget to turn off lights and taps.