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Hello! this is my blog, Rainforest Fun. I am Samreen, editor of this blog. In this website, all we talk about is nature and how we can protect it. I will post something every 1-3 days.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Ok, so I was searching google, you know just browsing, when I saw this blog: It is cuute!! And one highlight? difficult. But if I HAD to choose, I'd say the Summer Fruit
Punch bookmarks. take a look!!

And there are lotsa other things, like walpapers, maneki nekos, note cards. And the best thing is, they are free!! (and printable)

But there are some things to buy, too. Like digital scrabooks, patterns, stationary, etc.
Thanks, Lynn!!



Anonymous said...

i love this blog, its got some great free downloads to print, like note pads and cards and paper and stuff!!

Samreen said...

Which do ya mean? Can ya publish ya' name? So, sorry for the cow boy accent. LOL
So saweet!
See ya all!

Samreen said...

The site's called