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Hello! this is my blog, Rainforest Fun. I am Samreen, editor of this blog. In this website, all we talk about is nature and how we can protect it. I will post something every 1-3 days.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


OK, sorry for not posting for a while.

Here's my doings lately:

  • Exam has started, busy with studies (Algebra, anyone?)
  • So cold, I can hardly move from the quilt!
  • Helping my Mom with the household chores she's very busy lately.
So don't you think that's a lot to juggle? I'm taking a short break, which might last for two weeks, but don't worry, it will be over sooner than you think! For the time being, all comments will be checked by Razz berry, my new assistant! Oh, one more thing. This is open session, which means you can ask queries in the comments. (I mean that it works faster then the Ask Samreen page) All of them, I repeat, all of them will be replied by Razz berry.

   Until two weeks,




Kathleen said...

Uh, hi. Can I ask a Question? Well, if I throw plastic into flower beds along the street will I be polluting? Because sometimes things can be turned into fertilizers, can't it?


Razz berry said...

Hi Kathleen,
Yes, if you throw plastic it doesn't get fertile. Plastic takes a long time, let's say about a century, to decay. By that time the plant will have already died! Stuff you can throw:

Apple cores
Fruit peels
Very thin paper

Tooooolaaa said...

bye, R.F Kid. Hope to see you soon. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

My name is Johanna. I wanted to ask something, is there such things in the Earth called plates? I've heard about Nazca plate and the Indian Plate.

Cerla21 said...

Who are you, Razz Berry? What do you look like? Your real name?

Razz berry said...

Howdy, Johanna. Yes, there are things that are called plates. These things fit on earth like puzzle pieces.Nazca and Indian plates do exist.


Yo, Cerla21.
If you want to know so much about me, here is my complete profile.

Name: Razz Berry
Real name: Information classified
Look like: A raspberry
Birth place: On a Razz Berry tree
Favorite color: Red
Hobbies: Helping people. Learning about nature

Im a CLAIRVOYANT said...

I've been wondering about buying the book Ask Me Anything by Impulse, published by DK. Would it be a good choice, I mean, if you read it, please tell me about it. I heard it contains lots of stuff about nature.

Johnlittle said...

Can you give me an example of a carnivorous plant? Do they exist? I DONT believe it. I thought the best place to ask was this website. I love it. I can trust only Rainforest Fun.

Anonymous said...

What do you understand by this line by Emily Dickinson?

"The berry's cheek is plumper..."

Razz berry said...

Hi, *Clairvoyant*
Yes, that book? I read it! What a coincidence. It is a good choice, IF you or your parents are willing to spend 16.99 UK pound. Pricey, isn't it? But I think it's worth it. (Okay, probably because I got half discount, whatsoever.) And I got discount from Bangladesh. And it contains lotsa stuff about other things too except nature.

Razz berry said...

Thanks for your devotion to this website, John. I'll be sure to tell Samreen when she gets back. Oh, and back to your question. Sure, they do exist. I can give you examples of 3:

1. Venus Flytrap
2. Pitcher Plant
3. Sundew

Razz berry said...

Anonymous, this line simply means that the berry is ripe. Easy?

Thomas said...

Why are you taking so many breaks, R.F Kid? There are many eager fans of yours out here.

Anonymous said...

Hmm....Don't you have any manners, Thomas? be polite. Samreen has her exams going on now.

Razz berry said...

Thomas, we know you find R.F Kids' breaks irritating, but you are still sticking around saying *eager fans* are out there? Aren't you a fan yourself? *Grin*

Aaron said...

Hey, Razz berry, how do you get in Samreen's blog anyway? Did you get the permission?

Razz berry said...

Hello Aaron,
In the real world, Samreen is a really good friend of mine. She entrusts me with everything. we talked about it in school, and she said yes and gave me her pass and username.