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Hello! this is my blog, Rainforest Fun. I am Samreen, editor of this blog. In this website, all we talk about is nature and how we can protect it. I will post something every 1-3 days.


Saturday, August 14, 2010

uh, sorry!

Hello Nature-lovers,
My apologies for the lack of posts in quite a bit.
Oh, the work!!! I've been very busy with Ramadhan, the holy month of fasting for Muslims. This time, I hope to keep fasting the whole month, because our school is closed. An extra long vacation! But fear not, because I'm back on track to keep posting!
And later today I shall post a tutorial on how to make an recycled origami bin!
(It does count as eco friendly coz' it's........NOPE! surprise ya!)

Samreen/R.F Kid


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Jonathan said...

Wonder what what it's gonna be! :)

Drop by my blog sometime!