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Hello! this is my blog, Rainforest Fun. I am Samreen, editor of this blog. In this website, all we talk about is nature and how we can protect it. I will post something every 1-3 days.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rat, bat, cat: We've got em' all!

Strange things happen in our household. Especially animals. Here are a few stuff which came in our home in the past few years upto yesterday:

  • A rat
  • A monkey
  • An eagle
  • A crow
  • A moth-like creature
  • A bat
  • The baby of a bat
  • A sparrow
  • A lizard
  • A cockroach (A lot of cockroaches, actually)
See that, anything can happen. Only yesterday a rat came. Oh, I do feel sorry for the guy. My parents attempted to kill the rat. I was so sad. Thankfully, it escaped. So we didn't have to kill it!

P.S first time a rat came in our home

P.S.S Lizards are very common in households where I live

R.F kid
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1 comment:

Krista @ homing plants said...

Can't believe you got so many animals visit you. It could practically be a zoo!

Krista Morgan